Wearable art for your ears

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Make with Maeberry

Learn to make fun, colorful, modern, on-trend earrings from polymer clay.

Author Rachael Skidmore—owner of the popular online shop and social-media channels Made by Maeberry—takes a fresh, contemporary approach to this classic craft. Learn her tools and secrets to making dynamic earrings from start to finish in her ultimate guide, Polymer Clay Jewelry.

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Be colorful, be bold

Inspired by vintage clothing, natural texture, and bold hues across the color wheel

Small batch

+ always slow made in Utah

Craftsmanship Guaranteed

"This pair exceeded my expectations and looks so good once worn. Amazing craftsmanship and you can tell a lot of care was taken to make this." - Neha

All-Day Wear

"I’m obsessed with these earrings! I just recently discovered them and already have 8 pairs! They’re amazing quality, comfortable to wear for long periods of time and shipping is quick." - Nicole

Compliments for Days

"These hoops are AMAZEBALLS! "So well made and I get compliments every time I wear them. Also- such a big fan of the time and detail that went into the packaging!! :)" - Molly