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About the Artist

Made by Maeberry was established in August 2019 by Rachael Skidmore.

Rachael Skidmore is a self-taught polymer clay artist based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Her passion for self-expression, penchant for artistic creativity, and dedication to hard work have been the foundation of her success as a small business owner for over 10 years.

While she is widely recognized in the polymer clay community for producing high-quality pieces, her voice of genuine support for inclusivity is what makes her stand out as a creator. A curator of captivating color palettes with a knack for original design and tantalizing patterns, Rachael takes inspiration from all aspects of her life; from her passion for vintage clothing to her love for hiking in the mountains with her family.

Rachael has inspired large audiences through her social media presence online and delivered hands-on teaching by hosting intimate classes in person. Now, through Domestika, she's thrilled to provide that same intimate setting to deliver high-quality instruction to artists all over the world through her new online course found on Domestika.

You can find Rachael's handmade goods a select handmade markets around Utah and year round at all Salt & Honey Markets in Utah.

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